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A son strands himself on family land in Wellfleet, suffocating under the weight of his past as he battles with the ghost of his famously eccentric writer/father 

"The author has produced a richly detailed, deftly written book ... A smooth read that succeeds as a case study of the failed promise of the baby boomers."

                      Kirkus Reviews


 "Tom Wolfson writes movingly of a  lifelong struggle to survive the outsize influence of a colorful, larger-than-life father. If Ahab—who had his own battle with the ultimate father—had a son who wrote a bildungsroman, this is how it might turn out."

                      Brent Harold, Cape Cod Author, Cape Cod Times columnist


"Tom Wolfson has skillfully crafted together a collection of richly-detailed stories that take the reader on a compelling journey through a life of galactic range always with his feet in the sand, at the same time reaching into the inexpressible spiritual world beyond. The characters in these stories are totally alive and believable. More than once, I ran into people I recognized in my own life."

                      Dan McCullough, Cape Cod playwright, author, journalist, and Cape Cod Times columnist


"I have experienced Tom Wolfson's powerful stage presence as an actor, and The Blackfish Inheritance gives the reader an experience no less vital with humanity, humor, and deep insight. I found it a very engaging and important read."

                      Dick Morrill, Founding Member, Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater (W.H.A.T.)

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